Rokits and UPS®

Joined at the hip - a unique partnership that offers you unique advantages

Rokits has partnered with UPS® to bring you a singularly amazing shipping fulfillment and automation experience that is unequaled in the market today. This is the result of our special collaboration with UPS®. Rokits brings you enhanced shipping features that aren’t available through any other carrier or shipping application.

Awesome features such as: speed batch printing of 100 shipping labels and packing slips in seconds, batch printing hundreds of labels and packing slips in a flash, all while tracking notifications are automatically emailed to the customer with the layout, text, and logo you want.

If you have 20 or 2000 orders to ship, Rokits and UPS® will get you to the finish line safely and as quickly as we possibly can.

Our most unique offering through UPS® though, has to be our apply named - and trademarked - Zero Step Shipping®. This revolutionary tool allows you to scale your automation preferences to maximum capacity. Curious? Call today us to get the low down!


About Us

Rokits is an all-in-one order management and shipping fulfillment software specifically engineered to help eCommerce retailers expertly download and ship orders quickly and efficiently.

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