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Magento is the leading shopping cart system for all the big players out there

With a flexible shopping cart system, open source technology, control of content, functionality, and overall look of their online store, it’s no wonder Magento is the leading shopping cart system for all the big players out there, and the most recommended for established merchants. Their platform is built for volume, and set up with powerful tools to help their customers excel in what they do. Because Rokits is also built to handle scalable volume, our connection with Magento is tight. Magento is a self-hosted solution which offers you quite a bit of freedom and control.

If you are not a Magento customer at this moment and want to be, click on this link and schedule a demo today.

Here’s what you can expect from your Rokits connection with Magento Commerce:

Easy setup and seamless integration -

  • Hassle free item mapping and product information -

    part of the setup process is mapping your online shopping cart items with your internal item names. We make it as painless as possible. And if you add items or change their names on your site, no worries, we notify you right away so there’s no interruption. Rokits will also import all your weight and dimensions for each product so you don’t have to go in and do it manually.

  • Automatically order download -

    Rokits downloads all new orders every 15 minutes so you don’t have to remember to do it yourself.

  • Import shipping service and cost selected -

    Your automation settings allow you to bring in the selected shipping method, and amount paid for that service when the order is downloaded. Whether it’s flat rate, free or quoted cost, Rokits imports that information automatically.

  • Customer Information -

    Rokits downloads customer information such as bill to, ship to, email, phone, and memo notes.

Automatic shipping notifications -

  • Customizable emails -

    Rokits allows you to customize your emails with logo and HTML so your notifications looks perfect and beautiful and exactly how you want them.

  • Multiple Store Connections -

    Connect as many stores as you want!

  • Mobile Features -

    Manage shipping from anywhere. All mobile features available.

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