Choose your desired level of automation and ship with a comprehensive set of features; enjoy the benefits of a cloud based system with the flexibility of mobile, desktop, and browser implementations.

Set up

That just happened!

We want you get started immediately and have a great experience with us. That’s why we’ve made sure that in as little as 15 minutes from the time you download our free trial you can start shipping.

    We’re Cloud

    It’s ooh la la fast

    Rokits runs on a cloud based platform with both desktop and mobile implementations, delivering an outstanding user interface & experience. With Rokits you'll benefit from unlimited concurrent users, no limitations to speed, and real time shared information.

    • Every transaction is recorded and automatically saved. You don’t lose your hard work, ever.

    • We give you all the support you need quickly. No long wait, and no complicated computer stuff.

    • Rokits is fast. Proper fast. No waiting, no freezing up.


    Double checking is good - double data entry, not so much

    At Rokits we understand that receiving and shipping orders is the fun part. The not so fun part? - making sure your books are up to date and transactions are recorded correctly. We don’t just support QuickBooks, we fully integrate. Achieving the right outcome and seamless transaction recording so your books are always in order. Processing transactions the right way is much more challenging, but that’s what we’ve done. Our thinking is: why do something yourself when an automated system can do it for you? It doesn’t forget, take the weekend off, slow down, show up late, or complain. Because Rokits never sleeps.

    • Automatic transaction export and recording with ZERO daily involvement from you.

    • Automatic creation of New Customers with complete customer information and no duplication.

    • Automatic inventory and stock updates so you always know what’s on hand to ship.

      UPS® - United Postal Service®

      Got 1,000 orders to ship today? No problem. Rokits can handle that and then some. Try us! We dare you

      Rokits has partnered with UPS® to enable lightning fast batch shipping. Whether you have 10 or 1,000 orders to get out the door, Rokits makes no distinction. Batch shipping has a very different meaning once you see what we can do. With the click of 1 button you will have all of your shipping labels and packing slips printed side by side with no lag, and no time delay - we’re in the cloud! All you have to do is the really hard part - pack 1,000 shipments of merchandise. Happy days!

      • Batch ship any number of orders with no lag, no time delay. Just the purring sound of your printer hard at work

      • Your contract rates apply

      • Display or hide shipping cost on the invoice or sales receipt

      • Domestic and International shipping as hassle free as possible

      • All shipping types, methods, and speeds available through UPS® are available through Rokits

      • Ship with UPS® SurePost®

      We’re Mobile

      Have your cake

      At Rokits we’re all about being in two places at the same time. We don’t believe you have to choose. You can use Rokits on your tablet, desktop or laptop, or use your phone to print shipping labels and packing slips. Totally up to you. You can keep track of everything that happens in the warehouse and monitor their progress, catch mistakes before they happen, or make changes before it’s too late.

      Through our mobile app or SMS link you can:

      • View open orders

      • Select cases

      • Check packed items

      • Print labels and packing slips

        Automation - Zero Step Shipping®

        Anytime, anyplace, ship with Rokits and never lift a finger - Buckle up!

        Sound too good to be true? It’s not. This is actually something you can choose to do. It all depends on the level of automation you desire. You can choose to automate 1 or many things depending on what’s most convenient for you and your organization. Our automation features are scalable so you can change and revise them as you go. You can go from 1% automation which includes more supervision, to 100% automation where you sit back while the warehouse printer spits out labels and packing slips for orders to be packed and shipped. Take a break, and let us work out magic!

        Here’s what you can expect if you select 100% automation:

        • Automatically download orders from your website

        • Automatically assign cases for the size and weight of the shipment

        • Automatically assign shipping method and carrier to be used

        • Automatically select to display or hide ship cost

        • Automatically assign free shipping or flat rate fee

        • Automatically print shipping label and packing slip

        • Automatically export completed transaction to your accounting system.

        Sales Rep Portal

        Strike while the iron is hot

        This feature is about options and added benefits. Not just for you, but for your whole team. The Sales Rep Portal gives Sales Reps in the field access to the tools they need to close the deal on the spot. It’s 100% browser based so they can log in with their phone, tablet, computer, whatever - so long as they have internet access. There are no unnecessary buttons or features that could become confusing or cumbersome. It’s straightforward and helps keep the momentum going for your busy Sales Reps on the go. Get it going!

        • Sign up New Customer Accounts

        • Enter new orders

        • Assign Sales Rep to New Accounts

        • Apply discounts, samples, etc

        • Quote ship costs and select carrier

        • Process payment through our handy-dandy Merchant Bank Credit Card Processor

        • Highest level of security and personal information protection (CC info never stored)

        • Accessible on any browser

        • Tracking and order information available for quick search

        • Orders automatically exported into Rokits on an assigned schedule

        Cart Connections

        We’ve got tons

        We connect to so many online shopping carts. Check and see if we connect to yours. If it’s not on the list, let us know and we may be able to work something out for you. You can add as many cart connections as you want. Rokits is constantly checking for new orders across all your websites and automatically exports them. All we need from you is one bit of information: what status to search for on your open website orders - and we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

        • Unlimited cart connections

        • Automatically exports new orders to your Rokits

        • Receive tracking information (if your web cart allows)

        Order Management

        Don’t wanna miss a thing

        Backorders aren’t necessarily a bad thing. They’re just bad when you can’t properly manage them and orders fall through the cracks. We don’t let that happen. You can partial ship all you want all day and the order won’t leave your Open Orders list until you’ve fulfilled it in full. We display the things you need to see to properly manage your backorders - we’re considerate that way.

        At a glance:

        • Quantity on hand

        • Quantity previously shipped

        • Quantity on backorder

        • Quantity ordered

        • Highlighted item line when order or item on hold or partially shipped

        Parcel Automation

        It’s a no-brainer

        Determining billable weight, actual weight, etc, crucial if you don’t want to receive endless cost adjustments from your carrier every month. You’ve already billed the client for what you thought was the shipping cost, that ship has sailed. Based on individual dimensions and weight of your product, cases, and packing material, Rokits recommends not only the best way to pack the shipment, but the most cost effective way of doing it. No more cost adjustments from your carrier. No more shrinking profit margins. There’s a better way to do it, and that way is with us.

        • Automatically assign correct case

        • Automatically calculate total weight

        • Generate recommended case, size, weight, method based on dimensional weight calculated


        About Us

        Rokits is an all-in-one order management and shipping fulfillment software specifically engineered to help eCommerce retailers expertly download and ship orders quickly and efficiently.

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