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We’re Cloud

Rokits runs on a cloud based platform with desktop implementation for an outstanding user interface experience. Everything you do on it is being managed by our servers. This gives you the speed of a cloud based program that’s not weighed down by browser limitations. Multiple users, no limitations to speed, information at all times shared. Because that’s how we Rokit!

We connect to so many online shopping carts. Check and see if we connect to yours. If it’s not on the list, let us know and we may be able to work something out for you. You can add as many cart connections as you want. Rokits is constantly checking for new orders across all your websites and automatically exports them. All we need from you is one bit of information: what status to search for on your open website orders - and we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

About Us

Rokits is an all-in-one order management and shipping fulfillment software specifically engineered to help eCommerce retailers expertly download and ship orders quickly and efficiently.

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