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Batch Shipping, Parcel Automation, Mobile Pink & Pack, Smart Notifications, Integrated Accounting, All Shopping carts

Rokits is a cloud-based, multi-user order management & shipment system, your dedicated software for seamless order processing and UPS® shipping.

Rokits quickly connects with all your shopping carts and automatically retrieves new orders, and with scalable automation levels and clever management features it gives you the most efficient, most reliable and fastest shipping at your fingertips. Rokits can also integrate with your accounting system, instantly generating invoices while keeping you in touch with insightful reports and customer trends.

You pay only for what you need and every feature is made available to you during your 45-day free trial. Learn More!

Industry Exclusive 3D Parcel

Save money with Rokits state-of-the-art parcel automation, just tell it about the parcels you use & it will show you how to pack.

Rokits analyses your shipment and packaging options while considering dimensional weight & billable rates, even large package surcharges, to determine which of your parcels is best & inform the most cost effective solution, whether it be a single or multi parcel shipment.

automatic 3D parcel calculation
rokit scan

Mobile Pick & Pack

RokitScan is designed for high volume shippers and enables the highest level of accuracy in fulfillment. With low cost and easy implementation, RokitScan efficiently allocates shipments & tasks among all warehouse pick/pack personnel and offers fast UPC bar-code scanning, direct tag printing, instant notifications, close user management and ultimate operational control.

About Us

Rokits is an all-in-one order management and shipping fulfillment software specifically engineered to help eCommerce retailers expertly download and ship orders quickly and efficiently.

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